Can’t believe it’s been a month since Campaign One at a Time has become an official nonprofit. It’s been a long time coming, but we knew this was something we couldn’t give up on. The paperwork, articles, time, and money was totally worth it. We persistently kept our eyes  towards the goal to help more children and families. The support and encouragement we received as we look back is unimaginable.

About 2 years ago, Brodi Nicholas decided it was time for him to give back to others. It was around the same time that his younger neighbor, Sam, was diagnosed with cancer. She was his motivation to take a leap of faith and start this charity. He teamed up with a couple of friends (Andrew and Hosanna) and they started making things happen for the first ever OAAT Campaign. There was so much momentum built from that first event that they knew they had to continue helping others.

I was lucky enough to join the OAAT team about a year and half ago along with another team member, Kaige. The 5 of us began to meet periodically and set goals to keep this momentum going.

You might hear any one of us use the word “momentum” more often than not. This journey of becoming a nonprofit has had its highs and lows. But just like any roller coaster, we utilized the momentum from those highs to push us through the lows. We knew we had to do this for the children that have become a part of our OAAT family and for all of the children we want to help in the future.

“This process has been on our to-do list for almost two years. Becoming an official 501(c)(3) really gives us an opportunity to grow at an exponential rate and the possibilities are truly endless. When I first had the idea of one at a time, I really never saw it getting to this point, but I am beyond excited that it has. Becoming an official nonprofit gives us the opportunity to make some bigger leaps and contact companies in a more professional way, which in turn will help us, help A LOT more kids. The feeling is truly unexplainable. So many emotions. We have worked so hard towards this goal, and now that we a’re here, our momentum has never been greater. We are so excited to keep helping and interacting with these children and families, one at a time!”

-Brodi Nicholas

We are so inspired by those we have encountered during our journey. Thank you to the family and friends that have supported us at countless events. To the numerous nonprofits and their founders for guiding us through this process. To our OAAT mothers Kim and Karen for always lending us more than a helping hand on top of being hard working warriors for their children.

And especially our OAAT children; you keep us going through it all. You are stronger than all of us combined. There’s been so many times I’ve taken a step back and said to myself, “wow, I want to be more like you!” You’ve learned what  is truly important in life. You’ve seen it through a different lense and have inspired us to look at it the same. You’ve climbed one of the toughest mountains and now can take on so many others with ease. You are the reason we do what we do.

This is just the beginning for Campaign One At A Time. We’re so excited we’ve made it this far.




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