The Purposeful Pair

When you think of characteristics you would like to have in a lifelong partner what are the first things that come to mind? Is it their appearance or personality? Is it external characteristics or internal? We all have our list of what we would like in a significant other. Most of all we are hoping for someone to enjoy the good times with and help us get through some of the lowest parts of our lives.

It never was really apparent to put it at the top of my list to put “getting each other through hard times” when looking for a partner. But in life there are only of few things that are certain, and that is death and hardships. To find someone that is capable of picking you up, loving you, and accepting when you are going through your lowest moments is truly a gift from above.

This leads me to introducing you to one of my favorite couples; The Purposeful Pair, Clay and Fetu. Upon meeting this couple I knew they were going to become a major influence on my life.  We connected immediately with our passion for God and helping others. They told their story of the many many hardships that were placed in their paths. And to see them still so full of faith and love filled my heart with grace.

What is just as great is their purpose as a couple. They chose to take those hardships and turn them into purpose. They now coach individuals and couples to identify and utilize their passions and live on their purpose through fierce authenticity. They guide you to step into a space connecting to who God intended you to be; adding joy in your lives to create inspiration of positive impact.

I love the story how they met…

“Over ten years ago Purposeful Pair met working together at a hospital. Fetu was on a “serious” break from the dating scene and Clay was on the “prowl” (LOL). In actuality, Clay is far from a “prowler.” Fetu describes him (when they first got acquainted) as rather, a “deer in headlights.” Anytime she would say hello to him he would trip over the floor, quickly responding back, and just kept moving along. As “luck” would have it for these two, Fetu’s grandmother knew Clay and absolutely adored him. What did that mean for Clay? After the experiences Fetu had with guys and her focus on taking care of her medical condition, Clay would have an opportunity to ask Fetu on a date. Little did Fetu know, Clay was a gentleman (which she believed…were an “endangered species”). They went on a date. And on the first date, by total shock to Fetu, he kissed her! After thirty minutes (which to Clay seem more like an hour) of utter confusion circling in Fetu’s mind, she shared with him (in true fierce authentic Fetu mode)…she was not that kind of girl and he had the wrong idea!

The biggest blessing came from this moment! Communication. From this point on Purposeful Pair were intentional about respect, faith, each plan, obstacle, situation, etc., and they formed a healthy foundation of trust. Fetu found herself taking a liking to his gentle nature and caring ways, respected him and knew she could see herself with him long-term. She understood there are parts of who she is that are life-long conditions and at that time she had no idea what the future held. But sharing she had epilepsy was important. She did not take this lightly, as she has been turned away from people she had cared and loved. She has faced stigma head-on and had been through medical treatments, ambulances and hospitals, etc. This would be a part of his life too, so she was ready for the ‘it’s been nice knowing you, but…’ response.” –The Purposeful Pair


I’ve had the pleasure of working and interacting with the couple many times. Clay is a genuine and respectable man and the way he cares for Fetu wouldn’t change because of an uncontrollable bump, hill, or sink hole in the road. She knew what this meant for him and the importance of being unapologetic for her authenticity. Fetu said, “After all, everything we go through in life is a part of who we become, but it’s not our identity or purpose. We must understand our purpose and live to inspire others.”

They built their foundation of their relationship around these 4 values: integrity, faith, communication and trust.


“If we have no integrity, our soul lacks authenticity. Your authenticity is your freedom!”

– Fetu Escoto-Dyke


“If we do not have communication, we lack solid and genuine relationships. For there is no relationship if you do not have trust. Building trust starts with communication.” – FED

“One must be careful to understand how to communicate in order to accomplish healthy relationships.” – The Purposeful Pair


“Our faith in God is how Purposeful Pair started. He put us together purposefully and on His time, not ours. Fetu was broken, guarded and full of spark. Clay was shy, respectful and more than curious as the true story reveals! Through our challenges, we learned God would set us free of our worries if only we pay attention. Time after time he answered prayers and blessed us in greater ways allowing us to help others.” – The Purposeful Pair

“Faith is knowing and trusting when you cannot see – FED.


The foundation lies in communication. Trust in God and love yourself first.

– The Purposeful Pair

This simultaneously developed the structure of their lives as entrepreneurs and leaders; becoming known as the upcoming “Power Couple” in their community. Clay has been helping others as a Physical Therapist for over 16 years. And for nearly a decade, Fetu has been a thriving Entrepreneur. This Husband and Wife pair have been building teams together from the very beginning. From being founders and owners of an event planning business to taking part in mission trips across the globe.

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with this wonderful pair. They asked me to help coordinate an event that embraces the color of your soul. It was a wonderful event showcasing Lina Casale’s phenomenal artwork. During this event we would present her wearable art collection for the very first time. It was a great night of artwork, live music, wine and mingling with the most inspiring individuals.


Today the Purposeful Pair believes they are living with what God has intended for them. This is through coaching individuals to live on their purpose, speaking to audiences on Epilepsy, caregiving, self-development and health and wellness. In alignment with their coaching they share Nerium products that are healthy for the mind, body and skin. They recently were exposed to Emiliani Project and are fundraising for an amazing mission trip. They are continuously touched by how the project provides education, housing, job training, and medical treatment for impoverished and orphaned children. The pair is also heavily involved in numerous charities and outreaches.

Epilepsy Foundation is one near and dear to their hearts. They volunteer to speak and participate at events. The pair thrives to educate and bring awareness to the all those around them about epilepsy.

They are also apart of Big Brothers Big Sisters program. They have been Bigs in the past, and today they continue to share and educate others on the impact of being a Big. As Purposeful Pair, Nerium Independent Brand Partners are partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters and participate in events and donations.

As you can tell, this Purposeful Pair is all around amazing. I admire them deeply for all they have gone through and what they have done to overcome their trials and tribulations. They let their faith guide them and make them even stronger in situations that were designed to break them down. Not only do they build each other up but they continue to use their hardships as inspiration for others.

Relationships are not perfect and are full of amazing times and horribly low times. But when you find the right person to walk side by side you, and sometimes carry you through the storm, you have found yourself the most perfect purposeful pair.   

If you are in North Hollywood area I recommend checking out their workshop this Saturday as they partner with Project Equinox!


Stay up-to-date with The Purposeful Pair and see what they are up to.

Instagram: purposefulpairglobal 

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